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Uniting Creatives to Collaborate Together

There is no way our mentors and creative volunteers will be able to support and connect with our participants if they do not connect and support each other.  This is why we work hard to create opportunities for local creatives to network, relate, and collaborate together to experience the community we are asking them to promote to our adolescents/families. 

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Using Creativity to Cope

Everyone has mechanisms they use to cope with frustration, stress, anger, depression, and other difficult emotions.  Some chose to yell, some watch television, yet others have learned more productive coping skills that not only distract them from the emotions, but to calm themselves enough to process what is going through their heads.  We believe that creative outlets can be great skills to use to cope.  This is why we promote creative coping skills to our mentors, teens, families, and community at large! 

The Solution

Connecting Creatives w/ Families & Adolescents 
Coping with Trauma

What happens when a mentor/support system program is less about a random adult wanting to "get to know" an adolescent and more about helping them learn a creative skill they can use to better cope with life?  We think it promotes self-confidence, gives them more respect, and helps them connect their story to others so they can better control where it is going.  Our ultimate mission with City of Refuge, Inc.  is to connect our local creative friends with families and/or adolescents who are coping with traumatic life situations (foster, adoptive, neglect, human trafficking victims, etc.).

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City of Refuge Inc.

City of Refuge, Inc. exists to connect local creatives with families/teens coping with trauma.  We do this through promoting creative coping skills and uniting creatives to create something bigger than ourselves.

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